The Scarcity Principle

Scarcity is an economic concept about deciding how much of our limited resources to spend on which things. So basically everything comes back to scarcity. In the shopping and retail world the concept of scarcity is used as a marketing tool. The Scarcity Principle: when people attach more value to things that are in limited supply.

When shops say “buy now while quantities last” they are using the scarcity principle to make their items more appealing by showcasing how few there are left.

This is real. It works! I buy more asparagus at the farmer’s market than I probably need because it’s only available for 4 weeks or so, and I need to buy it while it’s here, before it’s gone and before I can’t get it anymore!!!!!

Knowing that the principle of scarcity works, and is real and is a useful marketing tool, I want to use it to sell you all some more yarn. And sometimes that feels icky. I hate marketing and advertising telling me to buy more and more and more. Especially if I don’t NEED it. And I don’t want to harass our customers and our community by hounding you to BUY BUY BUY!

I buy yarn because I love to knit, and because I love yarn; Because I want to make pretty things for people I love (and I include myself in that category.)

I love knitting socks because it goes against the consumerist ideals of buying more of a cheap thing and throwing it away when it wears out. I love that when I make socks, it takes a long time, and then I wear them for a long time, and then I fix them when they wear out, and wear them some more. (which reminds me I’ve got a whole pile of darning to get to….)

I want to support people making Slow Fashion choices, and shopping locally and intentionally for ethically made supplies to make what they need.

So it’s hard for me to really buy into all the marketing principles designed to make people BUY MORE!

AND: I own a yarn store, and I want to sell you all a lot of yarn.

AND: As a knitter I know what a pain it is to run out of a colourway or dye lot and not be able to replace it. Sometimes having to make creative choices because I’ve run out is fun, and sometimes I just want the project to look the way it’s supposed to!

So where does that leave me? I’m going to say “buy now while quantities last.” And I’m going to tell you why I’m saying it:

Our business model is about connecting with farmers and local producers. It’s about making what’s being made, here in Alberta, available to you. It’s about supporting small farms and educating farmers about good yarn quality fibre. It’s about using what we have.

Our yarn comes in small batches because that’s how big the flocks of sheep are.

Each year (or vintage, or clip) is going to be a bit different in terms of colour because the sheep’s fleeces change as they age, or because we have a different ratio of colours in the blend this year.

We want to bring you high quality local yarn, and that means that we will run out of this year’s colours.

I want your projects to be everything you want them to be.

Many of you have heard me say at markets that I hate up-selling, but when it comes to yarn, you really might need that extra skein.

We are getting to the end of some of our batches from last year.

So Buy NOW while quantities last!