This summer my partner in life, Duncan, and I went on a trip around the world after having a party to celebrate our love. So, it was our honeymoon I guess.

Since he has already met me, he knew that part of the time on our holiday would be spent inside yarn stores. He’s Great! (We also went to a major sports event, took cooking classes and had long walks on the beach at sunset. Seriously!)

So here is are some photos of the local yarn I bought all around the world.


Oh the iconic Iceland sweater. I tried to buy one, I really did. But even for a wool lover like me they were so scratchy. So I bought a fetching headband that kept me warm in Iceland, Austria and even in Australia on the chilly evening we watched the penguins come home in the dark.

The yarn is from the big mill in Iceland and I purchased the Alafosslopi in two colours – colour work mittens perhaps?


After hearing the Woolful Podcast about Stephen West’s shop in Amsterdam I knew I had to visit. Lots of beautiful yarn in that shop! I picked up the skein of Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn and couldn’t put it down. (Even thought it’s from Scotland, a place we did not visit.) I have already made a pair of socks from it!

Also pictured in some rustic wool from Dutch sheep. Love the natural black/brown colour.


La Droguerie is a great shop. They sell everything in bulk. The skeins on the wall are for display only, and I had to tell the lady what I wanted and how much, and they wound my little 50g balls for me! There are a million amazing buttons and ribbons and notions in that shop too. Dangerous!

These yarns are recycled from industrial fibres. A whole mix, some cotton, linen, silk etc.


My mom had already been to this cute yarn store, All You Knit Is Love, made friends with the man who owns it with his wife, and told him all about Craft & Draught! So I had to go and introduce myself as the beer and yarn girl from Canada. I didn’t meet him but I met his wife and she is wonderful too!

Hand spun local yarn with natural dyes. What a find! And the sock yarn to match the skein my mom already bought me. The purple is a linen that the shop has commissioned. I plan to make Duncan a sweet tie out of the linen.

Vaison la Romaine

We had a small bed-bug issue and all the yarn (including my current project) had to go into the freezer for a week to make sure it was safe from creepy crawlers. (It is!) Luckily for me, this small French town had a fabric, craft & yarn store on the main street and I picked up some commercially made French sock yarn and needles to get me through the stress of the bugs situation. I made a pair of socks while on planes and trains and wore them to the zoo in Sydney, Australia.


It took a while wandering the streets, canals and bridges around Venice, but we did find the yarn store! Tucked in a corner by a bridge and the shop owner convinced me I needed to buy enough for a whole project. What that project will be I don't know, but now I have 3 balls of Italian yarn!


This little yarn store in old town Salzburg was a bit bizarre! All the yarn was still in it’s plastic shipping bags and stacked on shelves in a Very Orderly Manner. I had to ask the worker in the shop to open the bags to so I could see the sock yarn. Seemed like such an inconvenience when I asked to look at a second colour! I asked if the yarn was Austrian and I was assured it was, but the label says Made in Germany…. Oh well. These socks will keep my toes warm in Edmo this winter, and that’s what counts, right?

(There weren’t any yarn shops in Thailand and Cambodia, go figure! But here’s a picture of a sunset from Ko Chang.)


I read about this mother-daughter owned yarn shop in Melbourne, Yarn + Co, and got really excited. The first time we went it was closed. Sigh. But we made it back the day we left Melbourne and this great skein of hand spun & hand dyed yarn came with me!!

Such a cute shop, too!

So now I’ve got to get the creative juices flowing and carve out some time for my world wide knitting projects! (In addition to the local Albertan projects I have in my imagination!)

Love, Anna