The Story of Pebbles

Suzanne tells us another tale from her flock of sheep near Toefield. 
Brian is a human, but all the other names are the names of sheep in Suzanne's flock. 

The Story of Pebbles

Kayla and Pepper came to us as a pair a couple of years into our sheep breeding experience from a lovely couple who were moving away and wanted a good home for their 2 original ewes.

We adopted a soay lamb and gave him to Pepper, but that’s another story,  and Kayla had always wanted a baby but we weren’t breeding at the time so my lovely ewe went without. 

Finally we bred, and Kayla bore a lovely tiny ewe lamb whom we named Pebbles. She was white with a small brown spot on one ear. 

I went to feed oats one day and found, to my horror,  Kayla lying dead in the pen with tiny 5 week old lamb Pebbles laying by her head. Too young to survive without milk.

I could not get near her.

I watched daily, looking for her, carrying a bottle of milk.

"Tanya,  Chicoutimi, where is she?" I’d ask. Tanya and Chicoutimi seemed to be watching for her but I don’t speak ewe. 

I would sometimes see her nibbling the early spring grasses far afield before the flock was allowed to pasture.  Other times I would count and recount the sheep; Pebbles always missing, when suddenly she would show up and I could retire, relieved, to make dinner or what have you. 

As the summer wore on she began to be seen only at Alaska's side, timidly checking out treats or running, tossing her head in a most genial way, but ever unapproachable. 

Then one day she ate out of Brian's hand. A week later out of mine.

Pebbles - posing for the photo (she's the white one!)

Pebbles - posing for the photo (she's the white one!)

She has now come of age and gained stature. We will be breeding this December. I look forward to the day that Pebbles brings her own into the world to her delight and ours. God bless.