1:30 pm13:30

Block Printing: Block Design

This class, with nationally known fibre arts teacher, Margie Davidson, will get your creative juices flowing. Design your very own 3” lino block for printing on fabric or stamping on paper. Start with a sketch, transfer the image, and carve your lino block.

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Aug 20

Play with Dyes Day

Ever wondered about using Procion dyes on fabric? Drop by and see how it’s done.
Bring your own cotton fabric, and Margie will dip it in the dye pot and you will see the

Want to have a hands-on experience? Make a donation and sign up for a one-hour time
spot (gloves and an apron provided). This is a chance to play with some dyes - no
experience required. Colour-fastness & results not guaranteed.

August 19th and 20th 10:00am – 4:00pm

All proceeds to Made Local Society.

7:00 pm19:00

More Knitting: Increases & Decreases

Expand your knitting horizons beyond the rectangle!

Learn about all the ways to create & combine stitches to change the shape and pattern of your knitting. These skills will prepare you for reading and understanding more complicated patterns, like lace and socks. Get ready: things are about to change!

**** stashbuster class***** Bring needles you like to work with and yarn from your stash! (If you need yarn or needles, we have some for sale in the shop)

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1:30 pm13:30

Sun Printing: Painting on Fabrics

Spend the afternoon playfully painting on fabric. Layer paint with everyday items to create colourful images, and let the sun do the work for you! Nationally renowned fibre arts teacher, Margie Davidson will work with you to create some beautiful fabric. This class will run rain or shine. (Hopefully shine!)

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1:00 pm13:00

Block Printing: Pattern Play

Learn the basics of block printing with nationally acclaimed fibre arts teacher, Margie Davidson. Learn block printing techniques and play with repeated images to create patterns using Setacolour paints on fabric. Try something new in this fun class!

$40 Class Fee $15 Supply Fee
We provide you with paint, tools and fabric to get started!

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1:00 pm13:00

"Mostly Harmless" Crochet Scarf

Teacher Kaylie Nahamko walks us through her scarf pattern “Mostly Harmless” a crochet version of the well known “Hitchhiker” knitting pattern. This pattern is perfect with a fancy skein of sock yarn or one of a kind hand spun yarn.

**Stashbuster class!** Bring your own crochet hooks and yarn from your stash or purchase some locally made yarn from the shop!

$40 class fee

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7:00 pm19:00

Beginner Crochet

Crochet for beginners! Learn the basic crochet stitches in this fun class and come away with a new skill, and a bunch of swatches under your belt. Teacher Kaylie Nahamko will show us how easy the magic of crochet is.

$40 Class fee $15 Supply fee
We will provide you with yarn & a crochet hook to get started.

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12:30 pm12:30

More with Knits & Purls

Now you know how to knit and purl, but what’s next? This knitting class will show you how to combine the two basic knitting stitches, read your knitting and get you inspired to play with different combinations and patterns.


**Stashbuster class!** Bring your own needles and yarn from your stash or purchase some locally made yarn from the shop!

$40 class fee

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7:00 pm19:00

Uber Beginner: Knits & Purls

This class is in two parts:
July 5th - Learn the Knit Stitch
July 12th - Learn the Purl Stitch
The cost of the class is for both days.

These two classes go hand in hand. Learn the very basics of the knit stitch and the purl stitch from teacher Cathy Jackson. These classes are for folks who have never knit before, but have been dying to learn. With a week in between, Cathy will be able to answer your questions after a week of practice!

$80 Class Fee ($40 per class) $15 Supply Fee
We will provide you with yarn & knitting needles to start

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